Preparation is Key to Writing


(Jarren, 10 tips to keep your desk clean, organized, & productive, 2017)

Upon watching the series of videos titled “Learning to Write Marketing Copy”  on, I found that the preparation process is essential to any piece of writing. This caught my attention because I found this topic to be extremely beneficial when it comes to writing and actually a lot of other things in general as well.


Before beginning any piece of writing you must prepare your space and have a plan in place. Firstly, by preparing your space I mean that you need to get rid of any distractions for the time you’ll be writing. Consider having a timer for a specific length of time so that you can continue to write without distractions for a good 45-60 minutes and then take a short break. Ensure you have everything you may feel the need to get up for, such as a glass of water, beforehand so you can continue to write without interruptions. Having a source of backup is extremely important. The worst thing is to have a great piece of writing just disappear because your computer crashed, for example, and it didn’t get backed up anywhere. Also, have some writing tools near by in case you need to jot down some notes along the way.

Secondly, you need to have a plan of what you’re going to write before you start writing. However, that plan can change along the way as new ideas can emerge at any point. During the planning process, ensure that you’re keeping your audience in mind and that your style of writing will be suitable for that audience.

Past Experience

In the past, I have found that having a general plan in place for what I’m going to write and how I’m going to format it has resulted in more successful pieces of writing over the ones I didn’t plan for. Planning helps me get all my ideas sorted in an organized fashion so that I’m not all over the place when I begin writing. I know how I want to start my piece of writing, what’s generally going to be in the body of it, and how I want to end it off.

I have never really paid much attention to preparing my space before beginning to write. However, now that I think about it, ensuring I eliminate any distractions for the time periods I will be writing seems like it will definitely benefit my writing a lot more. I do however like to set time limits. I like to plan out how long I want to be doing work for before I take a break and I have found that to be really helpful not just for writing, but for any work in general. For backup, I personally just like to use a USB, however, I would like to consider using something more convenient in the future.


I feel that preparing/planning for writing beforehand will always be beneficial looking into the future. A lot of the things that are posted on social media can’t be edited once they’ve been posted. You also can’t edit certain pieces of writing once they’ve been submitted. Therefore, planning what you’re going to write and ensuring what you write meets the goals/objectives for why you’re writing a specific piece is extremely important. Planning allows you to develop a structure/style for your writing, organize your thoughts/ideas, and develop a clear purpose for the writing. This makes for a successful piece of writing.


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